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— is one of the noblest and complex drinks in the world: the symbol of culture, social attribute and simply a gastronomic delight.

From around the world, from winemakers we trust and respect, and with all the advantages a direct importer can bring, we offer you the most honest drop in a glass. In our selection, we favour wines from small producers breathing individuality and dedication. Whenever possible we aim for wines from sustainably grown grapes, organic or biodynamic agriculture.
Food and Wine Pairing
How to choose wine?
Want to know more about how to choose wine? Learn to combine food and wine so you can create your own pairings.

We favour winemaking that complies with the principle: ‘As little as possible, as much as necessary’. The philosophy of minimal intervention from the vineyard to the winemaking process is practised, producing natural and ecological friendly wines that are unique and premium in quality.

We drink and live wines and we are ready to share our experience, knowledge, and opinions with you.

Time is a valuable and scarce commodity, therefore, our portfolio favours wines that enhance communication and bring blissful moments in our daily life. We consider value, authenticity, and sustainability as a foundation when selecting wines. Our main selection criteria include the following: premium grapes, respect for the land, honest craftsmanship, geographical region, terroir, and utmost enjoyment in mind for all wine lovers. 

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