Fattoria Petriolo

Italy, Tuscany
Italy, Tuscany

“The future is the greatest challenge for the Petriolo Wine Farm: we hope that our wine will be a memorable experience.” Fattoria Petriolo

The experts and Fattorio Petriolo only select the best grapes to make their iconic wines. Producing renowned Chianti wines, this winery has mastered the region’s powerhouse. 

The winery is located on the scenic hills of Rignano Valdarno, which is surrounded by ancient villages and endless rows of vineyards. Here, only the very Sangiovese-based wines are produced. The native Italian variety is most known for its high acidity, tannin and incredible ageability.

With all of the winery’s grapes, everything is hand-selected to ensure only the very best bunches are used for the wine. This comes from a long history, tradition, and dedication to quality wine. 


There is no denying that the estate is just like the wine it produces: unique, complex, and authentic. 


oc. il Piano n.1, Torri
Rignano sull'Arno, Florence 50067

We stock from this winery:

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