Tenuta La Meridiana

Monferrato d’Asti, Italу

Italy, Piedmont
Italy, Piedmont
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After five generations, according to the tradition, dedication, and passion that has always characterized those who worked here, the seed of this is certainly still alive: the "terroir" is still the main value that Frederico Primo intends to protect, promoting the original activity of the family and producing wines that represent the best recap of territory, tradition, and innovation.

Tenuta La Meridiana is nestled in the hills of Monferrato d’Asti, the heart of the Barbera growing region. Barbera is what they are proud of and do best at La Meridiana. On 12 ha of land judiciously farmed during 5 generations of vine growers, the team led by Federico Primo is producing terrific value Barbera in addition to remarkable Arneis di Roero and Monferrato Bianco.

During our discussions on grapes, winemaking techniques, and challenges the vignerons are facing in the region, Frederico came up with one simple example which would give a hint on the winery profile: “We have around 37 inox vessels in our winery and we are working our harvest by parcel to produce wines which have an identity and can be traced to the place the fruit originates. Our output is around 100 000 bottles per year. On the other hand, I have industry colleagues who are producing from the same number of vessels around 2 million bottles per year. There is a big difference. In the latter case we talk about considerable volume, homogenous quality, forget individuality…”

Tenuta La Meridiana continues to reap in rewards and accolades awards for their excellent wines of which:

Le Quattro Terre Barbera D'Asti DOCG 2017 received 2 top awards from Berebene and The Winehunter's Award 2019 amongst many other awards for its range of wines from 2015-2018.


+39 0141 956172
+39 0141 956172
Azienda Vitivinicola Tenuta La Meridiana
Frazione Tana, 5 14048, Montegrosso d'Asti (AT) Piemonte, Italy

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