Chateau Vartely


Moldova, Orhei
Moldova, Orhei

“Château Vartely is a winery that combines the latest innovations in grapes cultivation and processing technology with its passion for producing wines of top quality.”

The Unique Vartley Château is located in Moldova and produces wines from an extensive range of native and international grape varieties. Established in 1996, the Château grew exponentially throughout the years and produce more than 4.5 million bottles each year.

The distinct terroir of the region has allowed the wines to display unique character throughout their range. This is solidified with the list of prestigious awards that the winery has received, including awards from Decanter, International Wine and Spirits Competition, and the International Wine Challenge.

Today, the Château produces red, white, and sparkling wines, ice wines, liqueurs, and even spirits. They are all-rounders that highlight the unique wines from this part of the world.


+373 68 50 05 55
Chateau Vartely
No 4, A. Pushkin street,

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