Tenuta Montecchiesi

Italy, Tuscany
Italy, Tuscany

“Critical attention must be paid to expectations related to drinkability, taste, and richness of flavour—all qualities that have always been hallmarks of the Dal Cero family style.” - Dal Cero Family Winery.

Dal Cero Family Winery is an incredible winery with a diverse range of wines, including the Tenuta Montecchiesi range. This range is focused on robust and ambitious red wines that genuinely capture that magic of the area’s terroir. 

The winery started in 1934 when Augusto Del Cero purchased a piece of land nestled near two inactive volcanos. His dream was to produce extraordinary wines, and he dedicated his life to doing so.

After Augusto died in 1980, his sons, Daro and Giuseppe, took over and focused on the Cortona variety. Like their father, they had ambitious goals to produce premium red wines, and this Cortona variety would prove to lead them in that direction.

With time, the winery continued to grow, introducing more varieties, land, and continuous excellence. This constant growth has allowed them to grow grapes in Soave, Valpolicella,  and Montecchiesi. Today, their ranges include aromatic Soave, Pinot Grigio, and even Chardonnay. Their reds include the iconic Valpolicella, Amarone, and Sangiovese wines. 

The Tenuta vineyards specifically experience some significantly warm conditions, which the brothers felt would be ideal for international varieties. With the knowledge and expertise of years in the industry, the brothers decided to plant a range of French varieties in this area. Today, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay are grown here, along with the native Vermentino variety.

Using cutting-edge technology and years of traditional practices, the Tenuta wines are some highly-celebrated wines of the area.


Tel. +39 045 7460110
Tenuta Montecchiesi Cortona
Loc. Montecchio C.S. 403 52044 Cortona - AR

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Vivino 4.1
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Italy, IGT, White, Dry, 0.75L
546 000₫
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