Okonomierat Rebholz

Pfalz, Germany

Germany, Pfalz
Germany, Pfalz
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«Rebholz wine is the child of a viticulture that tries to achieve the highest maturity of the grapes by all means of nature and of a cellar economy that does not in any way violate the wine. We strictly reject those legally permitted 'modern methods' of wine treatment (stopping fermentation, adding sweet wine or grape juice, etc.), which all serve one purpose: sweetness, the sweetness that should dominate the wine, and make it appear more valuable.» - Eduard Rebholz

This is exactly what you will find in any glass of Rebholz wine: intensity, austerity, and purity. No malolactic fermentation is carried out. The winery has never focused on new and trendy winemaking but rather perfecting its own style. This tradition has been carried forward through generations and continues with the current team: Hans, Valentin, and Helene together with their parents Birgit and Hansjörg Rebholz.

The Rebholz estate is situated in the southern Pfalz region in Germany and is a pioneer in organic and natural winemaking. The estate has been certified since 2005 and has been practicing biodynamic farming since 2006. Only organic and biodynamic techniques are used promoting healthy vines that grow strong and prosper naturally. These methods involve more time and effort as well as attention to detail and are done to best protect and preserve the unique biodiversity of their vineyards.

Okonomierat Rebholz is a member of the top 25 German wineries and under the top 6 Pinot Noir producers in Germany which has over 10 000 wineries. The estate is ticking all the boxes in a checklist of what an outstanding wine producer should be:

  1. Rebholz has officially recognized and classified vine-growing sites (first growth and grand cru) Kastanienbusch, Im Sonnenschein, Ganz Horn, Mandelberg, Frankweiler Biengarten,  Albersweiler Latt
  2. Rebholz is organically certified, 2005, and practicing biodynamic agriculture since 2006 which is also certififed by Respekt Biodyn
  3. Rebholz is a member of VDP, a German organization that promotes the country's top wines and estates and members must adhere to strict rules including low yields, higher starting must weight, selective hand harvesting, and five-yearly inspections. Wines are graded into four different classifications under VDP.
  4. Okonomierat Rebholz is widely praised and recognized by industry peers, top wine writers, and critics.
  5. Making equally exceptional white and red wines which is a rare phenomenon in the wine world


+49 (0) 63 45-34 39
Weingut Ökonomierat Rebholz KG
Weinstraße 54 76833 Siebeldingen

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