La Castellina

Italy, Tuscany, Chianti

Italy, Tuscany
Italy, Tuscany

The Gran Selezione Sangiovese wine is aged in small Tuscan oak barrels and is an expression of Chianti excellence.” - La Castellina 

The La Castellina vineyards are some of the most renowned in Tuscany, as they make up some of the iconic Chianti Classico sites. Producing everything from red, white, and rose wines, these wines are charismatic and intense. 

The winery, which belongs to the Bojola-Targioni family, is dedicated to modernizing the winery with equipment and techniques while still respecting Chianti traditions. This has also allowed the winery to significantly expand the range of wines that it produces.

In the red wine category, La Castellina produces the iconic Chianti Classico wines, along with their Tuscany Red IGT and DOC Maremma Toscana. When it comes to white wines, Bianco Toscano and Rugiada are their focal points. But that’s not where that ends. The winery also produces rose wines and reputable Vin Santo wines, Grappa, and even olive oil. 

These wines have allowed La Castellina to hang onto a reputation for producing some of the area’s most powerful wines. 


Fattoria La Castellina di Tommaso Bojola
Via Ferruccio, 26 53011 Castellina in Chianti, Siena, Italy

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