Shipment & Delivery

We make every effort to ensure the fastest delivery nationwide to our customers by best-in-class Vietnamese delivery services. 


For customer in Ho Chi Minh city:

Delivery method: Our third party delivery service, Lalamove, will deliver directly to Customer’s doorstep and will confirm the order with the customer.

Shipping fee: Free shipping for orders with 2 or more bottles, otherwise 35,000vnd shipping fee will be applied to the total amount of the order as shipping fee regardless of the location.

For customers outside of Ho Chi Minh city:

Delivery method: We will proceed to deliver the order by using our delivery services such as: Viettel Post or other expresses services.

Shipping fee: Free shipping for orders over 6 bottles, for less quantitiy  we will charge you an additional 75 000 vnd for shipping.

Delivery time: once the order and sufficient delivery information is received before 14.00, we will proceed with the order within the same working day and update the Customer regarding delivery time. The delivery time might be 2-5 days after the confirmation of the order in the case of normal deliveries. For express deliveries an update regarding exact time will be issued to customer.

When delivery was impacted by force majeure cirucmstances (natural disasters, accidents, etc.).  Contact us via hotline for further solutions.

Note: Clear address and Vietnamese phone number are required for us to proceed with the order. Please make sure correct delivery details are provided for the order to avoid unnecessary problems during the transit.

As a general rule we charge for shipping at cost or even providing it for free from a certain order volume/amount.

Therefore, an urgent delivery will be charged extra, at cost, using the special rates we have from our shipping services partners.

Orders which could not be delivered due to unavailability of the Customer without prior notice (we always check with customers before dispatching) are subject to an additional shipping fee to attempt second delivery.



Before giving the parcel to the recipient, the shipper will confirm if the customer is over 18 years old, and if delivery information is correct. In case verification could not be carried out for reasons depending on the Customer,  Vinoteka will cancel the delivery.

We have the responsibility to check the age of the recipient to be compliant with  the law of Prevention and Control of harmful effects of alcoholic beverages issued by The Congress on 14th June, 2019 regarding the Responsibility of selling alcohol online.

Vinoteka will confirm the reception of your order and will provide updates in case of cancellation, delays or any other facts influencing smooth execution of Client’s order. 

Vinoteka is sourcing shipping services from third parties. Our shipping partners are exceeding or comply with industry norms in terms of delivery times, safety during shipping, extra services, etc. However, we have to be mindful of force majeure (natural disasters, accidents, etc) which might influence delivery times/overall deliveries. We, at Vinoteka will keep trying to promptly update you in such cases. 

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