Abrigo Giovanni

Diano d’Alba, Italy

Italy, Piedmont
Italy, Piedmont
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"A name and a philosophy, that of Giovanni, who raised us, teaching us an entire way of life"

Abrigo Giovanni winery is a hardworking family team that is backed up by a skillful and knowledgeable new generation, Giulio and Sergio, both with oenological degrees.

It is a small winery managed with great attention to detail extending to every corner of the vineyard. The family-run estate has always made every effort to minimize waste, recycling, and re-using its raw materials. Every activity on the estate is carried out at the right time with limited intervention, allowing the nature of each wine to express itself in full. 

Our portfolio includes Abrigo Giovanni Favorita 2015 (DOC). Favorita is a native Piedmontese grape better known as Vermentino in the rest of Italy. The terroir allows wines produced from Favorita grapes to be less voluminous and alcoholic but crispy and more fragrant creating a well-balanced palate with a mineral taste and easy to drink. 

The talented team delivers more than just wine and as one of the “byproducts” on the estate, you will find wonderful hazelnuts that are grown and roasted at craftsmanship level on the estate. Here you will find the words: "Crack the shell and taste the Langhe!"


+39 0173 69345
Via Santa Croce, 9 12055 Diano d’Alba (CN) Italy

We stock from this winery:

Vivino 3.5
favorite favorite
Italy, DOC, White, Dry, 0.75L
463 000₫
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Coming soon
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