Italy, Tuscany
Italy, Tuscany

“Enthusiasm, experience, and sharing are the principles that unite our team and our family.” - Tricerchi

The Tricerchi winery is a legendary estate that is responsible for some of the most renowned wines in the area. They are producing incredible wines, most of which consist of premium Sangiovese wines. 

The Tricerchi vineyards are situated just north of Montalcino, where the vines are exposed to extraordinary conditions. With cooler temperatures and the perfect soil composition, the vines are bound to produce exquisite grapes. 

What sets the Tricerchi wines apart is their utmost dedication to respecting nature and how it affects the wine. That being said, all the winery’s grapes are hand-selected and fermented using only natural yeast. 

The resulting wines are their exquisite range of Sangiovese-based wines. The Rosso di Montalcino and Brunello di Montalcino are everything you’d expect in a quality wine. With Sangiovese at the forefront, these wines are intense, concentrated, and highly expressive. In addition, their Iuli’o Sangiovese is a beautiful, subtle red that shows distinct terroir characteristics.

With an incredible winemaking history and strict Italian traditions, you can expect nothing but the best from the Tricerchi family. As fine-wine producers, you are guaranteed a premium bottle of wine every single time. 


+39 0577 1912361
Località Altesi – 53024 Montalcino (SI)

We stock from this winery:

Vivino 4.2
JS 93
favorite favorite
Italy, DOCG, Red, Dry, 0.75L
2 010 000₫
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