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Waterkloof Winery is nestled on the south-facing slopes of Schapenberg overlooking the iconic False Bay.

Waterkloof winery is a modern and audacious winemaking project which came up with its first wine in 2005. Modern means architecture and design, from the cellar, stunning restaurant, to the tasting room.

However, the vineyards and winemaking are rooted in simple, solid old traditions which Paul Boutinot, the owner and founder of the winery, brought with him to South Africa from France. They are practicing biodynamic agriculture. In the cellar, the winemaking techniques are as simple as they were centuries ago: wild yeast, gentle handling of grapes, and minimal intervention. In fact, there is a precise term for this approach “slow winemaking”.

Waterkloof Winery is BWI(Biodiversity and Wine Initiative) accredited which means the grapes are smaller and more concentrated which aids in fruit extraction and allows the wines to age better.

The wines are elegant and breathing purity and authenticity. It comes to mind the moment when tasting Circumstance Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 with a knowledgeable client and the reaction at the first sip being:“…Oh! but this is a wine like our grandfathers used to do, the best of them…” You can’t get a better compliment for such honest winemaking.



+27 (0) 21 858 1292
Sir Lowry's Pass Road, Somerset West, 7129

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