Castellari Bergaglio

Gavi, Piedmont, Italy

Italy, Piedmont
Italy, Piedmont
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Gavi is often referred to as the "Chablis of Italy" and at Castellari Bergaglio the winemaker refers to his passion as "The Art of making Gavi"

Owned and managed by Marco Bergaglio, Castellari Bergaglio is located in Frazione Rovereto in the Gavi region, 10 ha of vineyards farmed organically.

His complete dedication to Cortese grape variety, amazing precision, and focus on vineyards and in-cellar processes completes his magic recipe to producing wines to remember and truly showing what the Gavi region is about.

The olfactory profile could migrate from an austere palate with profound minerality to a remarkable elegance and rich nose full of peach, apple, nectarine, acacia flowers, and earthy notes of straw and honey for wines from single vineyards. A respected and recognized producer in the circles of seasoned wine lovers with a serious hands-on approach and an unchallengeable passion for viniculture.

Value for money in every sense of the word, you can not go wrong with Castellari Begaglio!


+39 0143 644000
+39 0143 1915182
Castellari Bergaglio
Fraz. Rovereto, 136R – 15066 Gavi (AL)

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