La Prendina

Italy, Veneto
Italy, Veneto

“Respect is the keyword that explains our philosophy.” - La Prendina.

The La Prendina winery was established in 1958, where new vineyards were planted, and the new brand was launched. With extensive work and dedication, the first vintage was released in 1980, under the Cavalchina label.

Interestingly, although the winery is situated in Italy’s beautiful Garda region, the La Prendina winery focuses on a range of French varieties. The Bordeaux varieties, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, are the key varieties that represent the unique wines of the winery. Also, there are refreshing white wines produced, including Riesling and Pinot Grigio. 

The winery has an extensive range of wines and includes the popular L’Lac and Teorre d’Orti wines. It highlights the winemaking skill of the producers, who can beautifully represent the critical regions of Italy in their winemaking style.

With a significant focus on creating wines with minimal impact on the terroir or vinification, the winemakers are able to bring out the grapes’ natural character and uniqueness.


045 516002
Via Sommacampagna, 7 Custoza - Sommacampagna 37066 Italy

We stock from this winery:

Vivino 3.8
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Italy, DOC, Red, Dry, 0.75L
559 000₫
Vivino 4.1
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Italy, DOC, Red, Dry, 0.75L
1 468 000₫
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