Champagne Mangin and Fils

France, Champagne

France, Champagne
France, Champagne

“The good work in the vineyards is the first step to a successful vinification. This meticulous task enables us to increase the ripeness and to develop the personality of the grape.” - Mangin and Fils.

The fourth generation of dedicated winemakers currently runs the Mangin and Fils Champagne house. The vineyards are spread out over 80km, making it a vast and diverse area for grape-growing.

Their Champagne-making method is primarily governed by the region’s regulations, with the winery focusing mainly on Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. Their terroir, however, which offers a great diversity of soil types, has set their Champagnes apart. 

With a selection of Brut, rosé, Brut-Natural wines, the winery has captured their terroir’s uniqueness with wines that offer generation aroma, flavors, and the most delicate bubbles.


+33 3 26 58 01 18
+33 6 80 08 13 87
22 rue Blanche de Castille Hameau Le Chêne La Reine 51700 Leuvrigny

We stock from this winery:

Vivino 3.9
favorite favorite
France, White, Dry, 0.75L
1 476 000₫
Coming soon
Coming soon
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