Your Ultimate Wine and Seafood Pairing Options


Pairing wine with seafood always seems like a challenging task. 
But the truth is, seafood is so versatile and pair with a variety of different wines.

With this short seafood guide, you’ll know exactly which wines to pair with your favorite dish and guide you into the direction a perfect wine and seafood experience!


Meal of Choice: Fish and Chips

The False Bay vines are exposed to incredible sea-breezes which develop beautiful acidity and crispness in the wine. This makes it perfect for seafood dishes that are deep-fried, as the wine balances-out the fat-dominant fish. So, what better than pairing a fish-and-chips dish with this powerhouse rosé? This wine’s characteristics also makes it perfect for similarly prepared fish, like deep-fried calamari or tempura sushi. 

Meal of Choice: Fresh Oysters

The Langhe Favorita is an elegant wine with delicate flavors, that require a dish with equal delicacy. You definitely don’t want a wine that will in any way overwhelm the distinct oyster flavors – so be sure to keep this one around for an oyster night. With crispness and freshness, this wine matches the oyster-goodness. 

Meal of Choice: Shellfish

Who said red wine can’t pair with fish? This top German Pinot Noir hits all the right notes – and is one of the first choice red-wines for seafood. Pinot Noir is light enough to compliment seafood while being complex enough to match the flavors. This is especially true with crab, lobster, prawns and mussels. For the best experience, ensure these dishes are served along a cocktail sauce, which is usually tangy and slightly acidic. 

Meal of Choice: Lobster

This Vinho Verde Branco is a friendly wine that delivers slightly more body and zest than simpler white wines. With great freshness, fruitiness and richness, this is the obvious choice for a succulent lobster dish. The wine’s structure is enough to ensure it won’t fall flat when paired with something as flavorsome and impactful as lobster. 


So with these food and wine, options, what are you waiting for? Ensure you have your favorite bottle ready to make your next seafood-experience, an unforgettable one! All of these wines are available for delivery straight to your door with free delivery in Vietnam.


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