Your Ultimate Wine and Pizza Pairing Guide


We all know that there is nothing better than good wine and good food – especially when put together. And in the case of wine and pizza – it is a match made in heaven.
To truly give you the ultimate wine and pizza experience, we’ve put together some famous pizzas with wines that compliment them best, so enjoy!


Margherita with our False Bay Rosé

The classic Margherita pizza has a vibrant tomato tang to it, with the fresh basil always prominent. The simplicity of the pizza makes it ideal for pairing with a light and fresh rosé. We highly recommend the False Bay whole Bunch Cinsault/Mourvèdre rosé. This blended rosé offers incredible floral notes, a slight spiciness and beautiful red fruit flavors. So, why not make your own Margherita and enjoy this delicious pairing?

Pepperoni Pizza with our Conde Villar Tinto Blend

With something as rich and spicy as pepperoni, you need a wine that can match up to it, while balancing out the fattiness with some acidity. The 2018 Quinta das Arcas Conde Villar Tinto is an incredible Portuguese blend of 4 red varieties that are perfect with this pizza. It has both the structure and acidity to work well with pepperoni.

BBQ Chicken Pizza with our Bonarda Clasica

The 2017 Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda Clasica is an unwooded red wine that is perfect for a BBQ chicken pizza. The wine’s acidity is ideal for the sticky sweetness while being light enough to match the white meat. This Argentinean red will change your pizza experience forever!

Vegetarian Pizza with Le Quattro Terre Bianco blend

With something as delicate as a vegetable-pizza, it needs a wine of equal delicacy that will complement the pizza and not overwhelm the flavors. The Tenuta La Meridiana Le Quattro Terre Bianco is a white blend from northern Italy that is medium-bodied, dry and relatively fruity. This makes it the ideal wine to match with your veggie-pizza and deliver quite the experience!


The art of pizza and wine pairing essentially boils down to this: Don’t match heavy wines with light pizzas and don’t match easy-drinking wines with meaty pizzas. But to truly gain the best experience, try one of these pairings above.

Order a great bottle of wine and enjoy the evening with the ultimate pizza and wine experience. To make it even better, how about a 20% discount on any of these selected wines?


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