4 Delicious Steak and Wine Pairings for Meat Lovers


Steak and wine are the essences of all good pairings. With each aspect complimenting the other so well – it is no wonder it is loved all over the world. If you’re a meat-lover, we’ve put together a list of the perfect steak and wine pairings that will remind you how delicious it can be.

When we break down the science of steak and wine, it boils down to the fact that protein loves tannin. And so the juicier the steak, the bigger the wine should be. For more delicate meats, a more delicate wine should be selected to ensure that nothing is overwhelmed.

That being said, here are four incredible pairing options.


Ribeye steak with our Cabernet Franc

This South African Cabernet Franc is a rich wine that has been oaked well with plenty of cedar, spice, pepper, leather and tobacco notes. This makes the wine perfect for a Ribeye steak. The wine’s tannin will help cut through the fattiness, while the meat matches the weight of the wine.

Fillet steak with our Legado Chardonnay

White wine can definitely accompany steak well – especially the more delicate cuts like a fillet steak. The wine’s full-body makes it ideal for pairing with fillet steak, without the steak being overwhelmed by the wine.

Sirloin steak with our The Innocent Red Blend

The Lammershoek is an exciting blend of seven varieties. But being as though it is Shiraz driven, Sirloin will work perfectly with it. The boldness and tannin structure of the wine is what this fatty piece of meat needs. The complexity of the wine also makes for an exciting flavor combination with the piece of meat.

Rump steak with Pinotage from False Bay

This red wine is interesting, as it remains unwooded and delivers generously on fruit aroma. This medium-bodied wine is then ideal for medium-bodied cuts of meat, like rump. Both the wine and meat is equally soft – with neither one overwhelming the other.


For your next steak night, why not try one of these incredible wines above? With your purchase, we will add a discount of 20%, to ensure your next steak night is a memorable one!


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