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Sparkling Wine Arione, Contessa di Castiglione Spumante Brut

455 000
Spumante wines are an exciting way of producing Italian wines. With unparallel vibrancy and delicacy, this white blend wine has demonstrated all the best elements of a Spumante wine.


Serving temperature:
The serving temperature is extremely important and crucial to unlocking the full flavour and aromas of a wine. It is important to remember that each wine has an ideal serving temperature and one temperature is not suitable for all.
6 - 8°C
Desserts and Baking
Fruits and berries

Wine Style:

Sparkling - A unique sparkling wine style with an intense floral aroma, a fresh palate, and refreshing acidity.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: light straw yellow. Bouquet: delicate scent of wild flowers, typical. Taste: dry, savoury, fresh and well balanced.


Aperitifs, canapés, starters, fish soups, savory fish, boiler vegetable, pasta with sauces, risottos, fresh fruit, fruit in syrup, wood berries.

Ageing method:

The wine is sent to fermentation in airtight tanks (autoclaves) where during the fermentation it develops carbon dioxide forming the foam and releasing its fresh and typical bouquet.

Winemaking process:

Pressing without picking off the wood from the bunches, soft pressing in pneumatic presses to avoid breaking the wooden part of the bunches, which could give the wine unwanted components. Refrigeration of the must at 6 to 8°C to block any beginning of fermentation and favor the natural decanting of the lees. Selected yeasts are inoculated in the cleaned must for correct fermentation at the temperature of 16 to 20°C. In this way the floral and fruity characteristics of the grapes will be preserved. Filtration after the fermentation and storage in stainless steel tanks. The bottling is made by means of isobaric fillers in bottles suitable to resist a pressure of 4 to 5 bars; the cork is secured with a wire hood.

Ageing potential:
2 years

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